Earmuff Day & Faux Fur Day!

December 6, 2013

Happy Earmuff Day & Merry Faux Fur Day!

Well this was exciting! Mostly because the chances of getting lice were only slightly less probable then spending a day in my classroom, we have a mad rash of lice in Room 32. I have been accused of being a Grinch…I KNOW….ME!!!! The Me, who is celebrating every day of the whole year!!!!! It’s true and I’m a little ashamed because I don’t like Christmas music, I don’t like mall after Thanksgiving, and the last time I willingly put up a tree was in the last century. I tried to embrace the holiday spirit today…not sure if I succeeded but at least I got a new Facebook profile pic out of it.

Emma and I.

Emma and I at Wally World.

This picture is funny because we were looking for something else and saw these earmuff and faux fur hats (respectively) so threw them on after a quick once over for lice and then started to take a picture. It was at this point that a little girl came by with her mother and started pointing at Emma’s pink fur hat. I kind of assumed that she thought it was cute. When Emma took it off she noticed that there wasn’t a tag or any identifying price. We tried to put it back but realized that there was no where to put it because it didn’t have a hook and there were no others that looked like it. I remembered that I had picked it up off the floor (It’s a ghetto Wal-mart there was lots of stuff on the floor so I wasn’t that disturbed by that fact). We decided that it must have been that girl’s hat that she dropped…oops. If Emma gets lice from this hat, I don’t know if she will celebrate any more holidays with me. :/

Oh yes...a lot of faux fur!

Oh yes…a lot of faux fur!

Earmuffs with fur! Gross!

Earmuffs with fur! Gross!

Not earmuffs or furry but this is my effort at getting in the holiday mood.

Not earmuffs or furry but this is my effort at getting in the holiday mood.




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