January 30 Day Challenge

30 Days of Non-Spending and Living Well

January 2014

ImageI got this idea from the blog, Living Well and Spending Less. Essentially 30 days of spending no money except on previously committed to amounts (bills) and essential items (gas, limited food). I just read an article about how if you put your goals out there in public then you are more likely to follow through because of peer accountability. This is a list that she made about things that qualify as non-essentials. 

There are a few expenses that should definitely be cut out for the month:

  • Eating at restaurants
  • Starbucks
  • Clothing
  • Hobbies–crafts, golf, etc.
  • Entertainment
  • Toys
  • Toiletries
  • Alcohol & other vices
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Furniture/Home Decor

I love to spend money on some of these things but I am committing to not to until February. I’m expecting that in a month of not spending that I the things that I “needed” I will find out that I don’t “need” those things anyway. I’m tired of cutting it close at the end of the month. I’m tired of not having money to travel to amazing places. I’m tired of feeling weighed down by junk that I don’t need and don’t necessarily even want. I’m tired of eating poorly on convenience food instead of eating whole foods that can be recognized as food. I’m tired of not really knowing where my money is going. I’m also tired of not having accessible cash in case of emergencies. I have done a great job of retirement planning but between now and 55 my saving habits are poor. I guess if I get bored I can always go for a walk…that’s absolutely free 🙂 

Here are my answers to the ground rules page: 

Grocery or Toiletry Items I MAY buy: 

toilet paper

fresh fruits or vegetables

chicken, beef, pork

butter, eggs


Things I Have Already Committed To Paying For: 



bootcamp/wellness coach


car payment



Things I Absolutely CANNOT Purchase: 

-eating out 

-processed food

-entertainment (ie. movies, red box, bingo, bowling, mini-golf, iTunes, etc.)

-alcohol, going out, happy hour, etc. 

-anything from Target, Wal-mart or Costco (except aforementioned items)

-coffee/soda 😦

Other Rules/Notes: 

I will buy or make Catherine a birthday present (any going out expense also counts as part of this)

I will buy stamps to send thank you notes and late Christmas cards to those important to me…spending money on relationships is a long time goal and stamped letters is something that helps build relationships. (..And I HAVE to send Christmas cards out before February or I might as well send Valentine’s Day Cards). 

Food/supplies for the animals will be an exception,( I did just buy Dubia beetles to start a colony so that this expense will be less in the future)…but no new fish even to replace the ones that I killed by accident. 

If you want to do this project with me then start here at this website, Living Well and Spending Less, How to do a Spending Freeze. 


By organizing and controlling my finances and my environment,I will be able to enjoy what I have and what I do more and more; because those worries of not having enough money and too much clutter will be diminished.



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