Thirty Day Challenge

e505c5ad3ad4949ae6fed0889c6afd33Well, thanks to you who have spent the last year with me. Thinking about what I wanted to accomplish this year I realized that I don’t want to commit to a year of something. I am going to do things for 30 days instead! You can read about these things on this blog (I also plan to go back and hit the days that I didn’t get to document last year). This idea is inspired from a TED Talk by Matt Cutts. It’s a really short clip about changing one thing in your life for 30 days! Awesome! WATCH IT!!!!

Here’s some more inspirational videos!

My favorite YouTube crush ZeFrank1, An Invocation for Beginnings. 

And what inspirational go get ’em YouTube binge isn’t complete without Kid President’s Pep Talk. 

If you were lame and didn’t watch those videos then you can get some inspiration from these quotes!

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